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Our picture of tomorrow

is painted beyond the border
  • bleeding edge
  • blockchain, and
  • smart contract technology

About Borderless Corp.

We believe in disrupting the status quo with ideas and innovations so vast they transcend the limitations of borders and by doing so, we reunite a civilization that has been separated for far too long. We do that by connecting individuals to censorship resistant, easily accessible, and cost effective peer to peer networks of like minded people who all have the same goals in mind. We have created global currencies, distributed autonomous organizations, and honest voting machines for open democracies, and thats just the beginning.

What would you build if you had the tools to build anything? I’d build a hyper connected, frictionless, society where everyone has a chance to be who they were meant to be. Someone great.

Together, no barrier to entry is impossible to knock down.

Because you matter.

An immutable and transparent voting booth for open democracies.

  • Increased accessibility and participation.
  • Prevent voter fraud with public accountability.
  • Voters rights can be managed instantly and globally.
  • Elections are secured electronically with cryptography.
  • Votes are tallied on the fly so recounts are a thing of the past.


A scaleable blockchain explorer for Ethereum/Expanse like platforms.

  • Token and smart contract management.
  • Easy to install and manage.
  • Scaleable and fast.
  • Works with Parity, Geth, Gexp.


A fun way to experience life and earn extra money.

  • Earn experience
  • Complete user generated quest
  • Make friends
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The most advanced token and ico creation and management platform.

  • Create cryptocurrency tokens
  • Crowdfund your ideas.
  • Stay compliant.
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Moduler token standard

  • Makes tokens upgradeable
  • Allows for modular functionality
  • Creates a way to insulate user balances from exploitable code
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Daily Impressions

Christopher Franko


An experienced cryptocurrency developer with expert level knowledge of blockchain technology, Christopher has a diverse understanding of the industry, and a long standing reputation in the community.

Marcia Danzeisen


Marcia Danzeisen has led marketing and strategy for some of the largest banks and financial services technology companies in the world. An accomplished writer, Danzeisen saw how crypto currency and blockchain technology have changed the traditional FinTech world and immersed herself into the space.

James Clayton

Community Manager

James is a crypto currency analyst, investor, and enthusiast who is founder one of the largest active communities for Cryptocurrency discussion in the world. An experienced community manager, James serves on the teams of multiple well established blockchain technology projects.

Sandro Ieva

Art Director

Sandro has worked with several blockchain companies from around the world. He is skilled with visual conceptualization and design. An expert at creating interfaces, websites, motion graphics, 3D, and creative art.

Timothy Suggs

Business Relationship Manager

Timothy Suggs is a computer software entrepreneur that specializes in Web and TV Video Production, web development and refreshing Internet Marketing (PPC/SEO/Social). Timothy is also experienced with software and Web Application development, Internet Marketing Strategy and Marketing Consulting.

Scott Williams

Director of Brand Awareness

Scott has an MBA from Northeastern University, is currently a Global Liaison for Shared Services, and he is the Director of Operations for Borderless Charity that was built on the Expanse platform.

Razvan-Gabriel Paun

Director of Business Development Romania

Razvan, also known as ‘Spiry’ is an early Crypto/Fintech adopter, supporter & investor. Founder of 247Cryptonews.com and Spiry Media Investment Group. He worked for EA Games, and Romanian Security Team.


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